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Eagle Flying

Bird Tours by
David Bradford


Welcome to my home page. From here you can explore my website, look at the various tours I am leading in the US, look at past tour summaries and past bird sightings, and explore my newly created relaxed nature tours.

There are many tour companies that provide the client the opportunity to see birds throughout the world, however, I specialize in bird and nature tours in the US. I also, and here is the best part, limit my bird tours to four clients and two guides, while the nature tours have five clients and one guide. This makes the getting in and out of the rental vehicle far easier than a 15 passenger van filled with 8 or 12 people, and meals now are a breeze. Please consider trying a tour that is a bit more expensive than a typical 12 or 14 person tour, but remember, you get comfort and two guides that love to travel and show people new birds and create new experiences for just four clients on bird tours.

I can provide, upon request, the email addresses of recent past tour participants for those of you that are new to my tours and want to communicate with participants before deciding on taking a tour with me and Brandon.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

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